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Gary’s Rib House

475 Danbury Rd
New Milford, CT 06776

(860) 354-1234

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Introducing, Gary Frey, Owner and Chef of Gary’s Rib House. 


Gary’s roots are in the Quad Cities on the Mississippi River.  He spent his formative years learning the ins and outs of riverboats.  It was not long after that Gary found his wings – the love for creating great food and presentation for others to enjoy!  He has been preparing exquisite meals for restaurants, family, and friends for decades.     


Now he has opened his kitchen with top-notch, traditional service in a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!  Gary, his wife Barbara and their family will serve top-quality food, freshly prepared with fine ingredients.  They hope you will enjoy a fine meal, excellent service, and great company in their House!











mississippi river


Gary’s Rib House




Buffalo Mozzarella ~ freshly sliced mozzarella; fresh tomato & basil leaf garnish                          $6

Bar-B-Q Chicken Wings ~  grilled with Gary’s famous BBQ sauce                                                   $7

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail ~ served with kickin’ cocktail sauce                                                              $9

Fruit Martini ~ chilled fresh fruit served in a sugar-rimmed martini glass                                      $6

Stuffed Mushroom Caps ~ fresh mushrooms baked with crabmeat stuffing                                    $8


mississippi-riverboat-cruisesChili and Chowders


Cup $7 Bowl $9

Freshly Prepared

- Gary’s Famous Chili

- Soup of the Day






All Entrees served with freshly prepared, authentic Caesar salad, garlic bread, and potato of the day.


Gary’s Famous Bar-B-Q Baby Back Ribs ~                                    Full Rack                                     $22

“Sweetest Ribs this side of the Mississippi!”                            Half Rack-You’ll beg for more! $16

Grilled Filet Mignon ~ all natural 10 oz filet, tender, lean, and delicious!                                     $25

New York Strip ~ all natural 12 oz. strip grilled to perfection                                                        $23

Beef Kabobs ~ beef tenderloin skewered and grilled with veggies                                                  $22

Bar-B-Q Chicken ~ boneless breast of chicken in Gary’s famous barbeque sauce                         $17

Salmon ~ poached or pan seared to your liking                                                                                  $18

Scallop Kabobs ~ sea scallops skewered and grilled with veggies                                                   $18

Jumbo Shrimp Scampi ~ lightly breaded and broiled, drizzled with garlic butter                        $17

New Zealand Rack of Lamb ~ delicately marinated and grilled to your delight!                           $28



Sherry Mushrooms        $5

Vegetable of the Day      $4

Gorgonzola Cheese        $2


How do you like your meat cooked?*

Rare ~ Cool Red Center

Medium Rare ~ Warm Red Center

Medium ~ Hot Red Center

Medium Well ~ Hot Pink Center

Well Done ~ Butterflied and Cooked Through





If you have any known food allergies, please inform your server before ordering.


*Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, and eggs reduces the risk of food-borne illnesses.






















New York Style Cheesecake

Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Ice Cream

Fresh Fruit


We offer Starbucks Coffee, Espresso, and Cappuccino

Brewed ~ $2 Cappuccino ~ $4

Double Espresso ~ $3 Latte ~ $4

Tea~ $2

Hot ~ Bigelow Assortment

Hot Chocolate-Variety~$3


Reservations for your private gatherings are welcome!